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Who Am I?


My name is Marlo H. Evangelista, working abroad for almost 17 years. Knowing internet business and marketing in the year 2009 when I've purchased one e-book with good and decieving content about opportunity and huge money through online business. From there I started to dream to be one of them like a Pro. I started to collect and communicate from other marketers in the web through email, signing up for various affiliate programs. Studying and learning how to create e-books, ereport, ecourse and others. Actually I'm happy to collect some information from news papers and make it as collection hobby and later on created as e-books.
Later on I starting to use Photoshop and others sources like Adobe, Word and others. In the first, I asked myself how and when I can receive my first online money or income? I joined to one big affiliate internet business from USA for selling any kind or types of items you have on free of charge. From there I published my few e-books made, but not easy works, it takes several months before I received my first money from there.. which up to now slowly but surely receiving extra income and realized my previous hard work and dream is gradually attaining which starts from scratch.

Another thing I found working online is to learn more about business online, creation of huge friends, receiving and facing any kinds of situation concerning online problems. I'm happy to do and crossing my finger that one day in the near future I'm be one of them having success in my present journey..

Main Contact:

My present location:

Al Motabei for Electronic Systems
P.O. Box 51498
Jeddah 21543
Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. 00966 2 668 3022 ext 201
Mobile No. 00966 502751 693

In Philippines:

Northwind City, Palmera Homes
Phase 4B, Block 10, Lot 14
Squirrel Street
San Jose Delmonte city
Bulacan, Philippines
Mobile No. 0928 656 2575 (smart) my wife 


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